Visual Communication Study Program was established in 1979 and was formerly named Graphics Studio. This program currently implements curriculum which are oriented on three sectors; image, sound, and text in which the orientations are not limited only to fine arts classifications in terms of style, characteristics and media. By implementing such well arranged curriculum, the institution seeks to equip the students with comprehensive sets of knowledge and skills. Students are given opportunity to choose and take field of interest study freely (assuming they grasp their orientation comprehensively, which include professional awareness of carrier that will become parts of their life, and to be able to represent normative and empirical attitude which does not only mean ideal in image but also accountable, visible, and measureable). First and second year study principle in Visual Communication Designs Program requires that students receive lectures and practical training from experts, in form of tutorial regarding technic, ethics, artistics and aesthetics forms, which include common problems in graphic designs, computer graphic, sound, and text. Further, students are free to choose their advanced specialization according to their own preference; whether they want to be a generalist such as in Desktop Publishing or to be Art-Media specialists.


Build upon cultural values of the nation, Visual Communication Designs seeks to become educational institution and learning provider which conveys knowledge, technology, and arts in order to produce creative and qualified graduates.


  1. To provide education and learning process which require lecturers and supporting staff to perform professional development, according to curriculum system which corresponds with the sets of knowledge, skills, and attitude required in the related field and professional carrier requirements of the graduates, which includes decent competence to compete in the work market and creative industry.
  2. To carry out academic researches which lead to discoveries and adaptation in terms of knowledge, technology, and arts in the ever changing work market and opportunity.
  3. To carry out community service within the society which is oriented to empower the community.

Goal and Achievement Strategies

  1. To produce graduates with relevant qualifications to the work market, devoted to God the almighty one, virtuous, inteligent, skillful, independent, sociable, and healthy, both physically and mentally.
  2. To be able to adapt to new discoveries in terms of knowledge, technology, and arts which can be applied to solve problems in the society and to build better quality of life.
  3. To be able to implement national cultural values as one of life principles, attitude, and behaviour in life and dedication, both within and beyond campus environment.

Graduates Competence

Graduates competence achieved through the curriculum implemented in Visual Communication Designs are as follows:

  1. Visual Communication Designer
  2. Photographer
  3. Animator
  4. Web Designer
  5. Compositor Artist
  6. Video Director
  7. Video Editor