3 – Year Diploma Program of Visual Communication Designs (D3 DKV) was established in 2000. Its goal is to produce Associate Experts in Designs who posess decent technical skills in order to meet the world’s creative industry needs which require standard competence in graphic designs, multimedia, and visual communication advertising. The study program management focuses on institutional developments and improvement such as; management system, curriculum, Human Resource, and infrastructure.



  1. To be applied Visual Communication Study Program which refers to science, actual knowledge, and also posess orientation toward technological development.
  2. To be Study Program which is based on national cultural values in implementing modern designs art works.
  3. To be Study Program which posess competence on its field to be the partner for the government, society, and the working industry, and to play its role in developing creative industry in Indonesia.


  1. To train expert associates who posess competence by comprehending the knowledge and insight which are based on visual communication theory, creativity, designing skills both manually and digitally, and to posess reliable and independent attitude toward their works.
  2. To train expert associates to identify, comprehend, and empower national cultural potentials to be applied in their modern designs works.
  3. To train expert associates by emphasizing on improvement and professional experties application in terms of graphic designs, multimedia, and visual communication advertising, and also comprehensive skills in visual communication, concerning persuasive factors, communication, visual, audio, and text.
  4. To train expert associates of visual communication who emphasize on system-based designing skills, arts, and technology, and posess the ability to plan both static and dynamic visual communication designs.

Goal and Objectives

  1. To produce graduates who posess enterpreneurship spirit in order to create job opportunities.
  2. To produce graduates who are able to formulate ideas systematically and to apply them with the standardized industrial skill level, and who are be able to communicate them effectively.
  3. To produce graduates who are able to cooperate with other field of experties which are involved in a working organization.

Graduates Competence

Graduates competence achieved through the curriculum implemented in Visual Communication Designs Study Program are as follows:

  1. Visual Communication Designs Practitioners
  2. Designs Enterpreneur