Interrior Designs Study Program was established in 1981 and was formerly named Studio Arsitektur Interior (Interrior Architecture Studio). This programs has produced graduates who works throughout the country, working as interrior designers in architecture planning and interrior bureaus, as furniture designers in furniture industry, as enterpreneur who deal with furniture and interrior designs, and as lecturers both in reputable public and private universities.


To be an institution which is capable of producing educated human resources who are devoted to God the Almighty One, rely on national culture especially on Javanese cultural virtues, and posess skills and experties in interrior designs in order to be able to compete in both national and international level.


In accordance to the vision above, Interrior Designs Study Program formulates its missions as follows:

  1. To provide interrior designs education with integrated curricular and extra curricular activities, utilization of modern information and technology, and to be perceptive toward developments within the society.
  2. To carry out Interrior Designs Education Developments Programs which are based on studies and innovative works to meet the creative industry needs in terms of Interrior designs, both in national and international level.
  3. To carry out community service activities which are oriented on empowering the community through interrior designs disciplinary.


In order to carry out the missions above, Interrior Designs Study Program formulates its development goals as follows:

  1. To provide a supportive environment which encourage all members of Interrior Designs Study Program to be eager to develop their self potential optimally.
  2. To produce graduates who are devoted to God the Almighty One, virtuous, posess an attitude and a sense of identity based on Javanese culture in particular and Indonesian culture in general, and have academic and professional experties in the field of Interior Design.
  3. To produce and publish research products, scientific works, designs products, technology, and arts which are oriented on the community’s sake.
  4. To produce interrior designs graduates who are independent and hardworking, who excell in national level, and able to compete in South East Asia in 2016.

Graduates Competence

Graduates competence achieved through the curriculum implemented in Interrior Designs Study Program are as follows:

  1. Interrior / Furniture / Interrior Product Designers
  2. Interrior Planning Consultant
  3. Interrior Supervisor
  4. Interrior Construction Management
  5. Interrior Project Executive
  6. Interior Art Director