Fine Arts Study Program, which had been established since 1976, is an incorporation of painting and sculpture studio. This program has four main interest programs. They are painting arts, sculpture arts, graphic arts, and ceramics arts. The educational establishments, in order to improve learning process, are supported by theoretical classrooms and laboratories which consist of painting arts studio, graphic arts studio, sculpture studio, ceramics arts studio, and multimedia laboratory. The curriculum in Fine Arts Study Programs are designed to anticipate the needs and development of the society in local, national and international level so that it can always be relevant to the ever changing society. Since early in 2000, information technology (IT) and multimedia have become contributing factors in curriculum development while also considering manual conventional elements and emphasizing on mindset development dan creative potentials.  


To be a well-developed and reputable Fine Arts Study Program which excells in Fine Arts fields both in national and international level, to be able to maintain and enrich values, and to be perceptive toward changing phenomena which are based on nasional culture


To conduct teaching and educatiom which require lecturers and students’ professional development in order to achieve knowledge, skills, and positive attitude. To be able to apply the knowledge, art, and technology in the area of expertise and to adapt to any situation faced in order to solve problems. To produce art works by using knowledge and technology to improve the quality of fine arts works, and also to transform humanity values into forms of art works. To comprehend theoretical concepts of certain field in general and theoretical concept in depth of that specific field, and to formulate solutions of procedural problems and manifest them into innovative artworks according to fine arts study.

Goal and Achievement Strategies

  1. To be devoted God the Almighty One, to posess morality, ethics, and decent characteristics in performing its duties. To take part proudly in patriotism and to enforce the world peace.
  2. To be able to cooperate and to have social sensitivity and concern toward the society and environment. To value cultural diversity, different point of view, beliefs, religions, and opinions.
  3. To support law enforcement and to have the spirit to prioritize the national and social needs. To produce graduates who posess academic skills. Professionality, and creativity in order to adapt to the ever changing era.
  4. To produce qualified thoughts and studies especially in fine arts field in order to develop education and researches which lead to new discoveries in fine arts so that student can take part in solving problems both in local and international scale.
  5. To produce community service art works with good quality which are based on the implementation of community service activities which are oriented on empowering the community to ensure welfare especially in concern of fine arts dynamics.

Graduates Competence

Graduates competences achieved through the curriculum implemented by Fine Arts Study Program are as follows:


  1. Professional/Independent Fine Artists
  2. Fine Arts Educator / Academicians / Lecturers / Teachers
  3. Fine Arts Critics / Authors
  4. Fine Arts Researchers
  5. Fine Arts Museum / Galery Manager
  6. Art Director Creative Manager
  7. Fine Arts Curator
  8. Multimedia Arts Creator
  9. Creative Enterpreneur.