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Fine Arts Study Program, which had been established since 1976, is an incorporation of painting and sculpture studio.  This program has four main interest programs. They are painting arts, sculpture arts, graphic arts, and ceramics arts. The educational establishments, in order to improve learning process, are supported by theoretical classrooms and laboratories which consist of painting arts studio, graphic arts studio, sculpture studio, ceramics arts studio, and multimedia laboratory.



Interrior Designs Study Program was established in 1981 and was formerly named Studio Arsitektur Interior (Interrior Architecture Studio). This programs has produced graduates who works throughout the country, working as interrior designers in architecture planning and interrior bureaus, as furniture designers in furniture industry, as enterpreneur who deal with furniture and interrior designs, and as lecturers both in reputable public and private universities.


was established in 1979 and was formerly named Graphics Studio. This program currently implements curriculum which are oriented on three sectors; image, sound, and text in which the orientations are not limited only to fine arts classifications in terms of style, characteristics and media.   By implementing such well arranged curriculum, the institution seeks to equip the students with comprehensive sets of knowledge and skills.


Study Program was established in 1978 and was formerly named Studio Tekstil (Textile Studio). Its position in Fine Arts and Designs Faculty of Sebelas Maret University causes Art Works Study Program to become a laboratory of thoughts and practices for students who seek to become textile designers or workers to experiment in terms of technics, aesthetics, or to test and account for the results objectively with distinct scientific benchmarks.


 – Year Diploma Program of Visual Communication Designs (D3 DKV) was established in 2000. Its goal is to produce Associate Experts in Designs who posess decent technical skills in order to meet the world’s creative industry needs which require standard competence in graphic designs, multimedia, and visual communication advertising.