Art Works Study Program was established in1978 and was formerly named Studio Tekstil (Textile Studio). Its position in Fine Arts and Designs Faculty of Sebelas Maret University causes Art Works Study Program to become a laboratory of thoughts and practices for students who seek to become textile designers or workers to experiment in terms of technics, aesthetics, or to test and account for the results objectively with distinct scientific benchmarks. Based on its practical area, Art Works Study Program / textile develops textile production by integrating technological approach (with various techniques and media), science (scientific development), and arts (artistics and aesthetics development). Moreover, as an academic institution, Art Works Study Program / textile also develops itself as a national textile research center and theoretical studies.


Art Works Study Program / Textile as center of textile products studies and productions which plays strategic roles in preserving and revitalizing national traditions textile and its development toward contemporary textile


  1. To develop textile works knowledge within cultural and spiritual dimension without local cultural values.
  2. To improve analytical skills and textile works production by developing discourse, ideas, aesthetics, and methods in order to be able to compete in global culture.
  3. To implement critical, reflective, and open stance toward changes, paradigms, knowledge, technology, and professionalism in the field of textile.

Goal and Achievement Strategies

In accordance to the vision and missions above, Interrior Designs Study Program / textile seeks to produce graduates who are able to: (1) Produce and express various ideas in form of textile works. (2) Analyze various phenomena of modern and traditional textile works creatively, innovatively, and professionally. (3) Preserve national textile herritage ethically and academically (4) Manage various textile production activities in the creative industry era

Graduates Competence

The main competence of Interrior Designs Study Program / textile is to produce textile program graduates who posess competence as:

  1. Art Works Practitioners
  2. Enterpreneur
  3. Educators