Bachelor of Visual Communication Design


The Bachelor of Visual Communication Design, which was founded in 1979 under the name Graphic Studio, currently has a curriculum oriented to three areas, namely image, sound and text. This orientation is not limited to style and classification based on the character of fine arts and media. Through a curriculum that is structured in such a way, the institution always strives to equip students with comprehensive knowledge and skills. Students are given the opportunity to choose and determine learning options freely (assuming the student’s orientation is very clear, namely in the form of awareness of a career profession that has been recognized and will become part of their life, can be normative or empirical, meaning that it can be seen, measured and accounted for, not just an ideal picture). The basic principle of the first and second year of study, students receive guidance and practical training from experts, with tutorials in all forms of ethics, aesthetics, art and technique, covering general issues of design, computer graphics, sound and text. After that, students are free to choose their area of further specialization based on whether they want to become a generalist such as Desktop Publishing or an Art-Media specialist.


Based on the noble values of the nation’s culture, the Visual Communication Design Study Program will become an educational institution and provide learning in the scope of science, technology and arts that produces quality graduates in the creative industry.


  • Menyelenggarakan pendidikan dan pengajaran yang menuntut pengembangan dosen dan tenaga pendukung dengan basis sistem kurikulum yang memenuhi syarat bagi tuntutan keilmuan dan atau profesi sesuai dengan tujuan pendidikannya yaitu mencakup ilmu pengetahuan, keterampilan dan sikap mandiri bagi para lulusannya, khususnya performa penguasaan keterampilan dalam dunia lapangan kerja industri kreatif.
  • Menyelenggarakan secara akademik penelitian yang mengarah pada penemuan dan adaptasi baru dibidang ilmu pengetahuan, teknologi dan seni dalam ruang lingkup lapangan kerja dan pasar kerja industri kreatif yang terus berubah dan berkembang dengan cepat.
  • Menyelenggarakan kegiatan pengabdian pada masyarakat yang berorientasi pada upaya pemberdayaan

Goals and Objectives

  • Producing graduates with qualifications that are relevant in the job market, devoted to God Almighty, virtuous, intelligent, skilled, independent, physically, spiritually and socially healthy.

  • Able to adapt to new discoveries in the fields of science, technology and art which can be used to solve problems in society and to build a good quality of life.

  • Able to apply the noble values of national culture as a basis for thinking, acting and behaving in service, life, both on and off campus

  • Carrying out academic research that leads to new discoveries and adaptations in the fields of science, technology and art within the scope of employment and the creative industry job market which continues to change and develop rapidly.

  • Organizing community service activities that are oriented towards empowerment efforts.

Competence of graduates

The graduate competencies produced based on the curriculum implemented by the Visual Communication Design Study Program are:

  1. Visual
  2. Communication
  3. Designer
  4. Photographer
  5. Animator
  6. Web Designer
  7. Compositor Artist
  8. Video Director
  9. Video Editor


Semester I
NoMata KuliahSKS
1Pendidikan Agama Islam*2
Pendidikan Agama Kristen*
Pendidikan Agama Katholik*
Pendidikan Agama Hindu*
Pendidikan Agama Budha*
2Bahasa Inggris*2
3Pengantar Seni Rupa dan Desain**2
4Nirmana Dwi Matra**3
5Sejarah Seni Rupa Dunia**2
6Fotografi Dasar**3
7Komputer Grafis**3
8Menggambar Manusia (P)3
Semester II
NoMata KuliahSKS
1Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan*2
2Ilmu Kealaman Dasar*2
3Sejarah Seni Rupa Indonesia**2
4Filsafat Dasar dan Sejarah Pemikiran2
5Nirmana Trimatra**3
6Menggambar Benda**3
7Menggambar Proyeksi dan Perspektif**3
8Sketsa (P)3
Semester III
NoMata KuliahSKS
1Pendidikan Pancasila*2
2Filsafat Seni**2
3Estetika (T)2
4Kajian Budaya Jawa (T)2
5Metode Penelitian (T)2
6Tipografi 1 (P)3
7Ilustrasi 1 (P)3
8Deskomvis 1 (TP)4
Semester IV
NoMata KuliahSKS
1Bahasa Indonesia*2
2Manajemen Pemasaran (T)2
3Manajemen Desain (T)2
4Metode Reprografika (P)3
5Tipografi 2 (P)3
6Ilustrasi 2 (P)3
7Komputer Grafis 2 (P)3
8Deskomvis 2 (TP)4
Semester V
NoMata KuliahSKS
1Budaya Visual**2
2Tinjauan Desain Grafis (T)2
3HAKI (T)2
4Riset Pemasaran dan Perilaku Konsumen3
5Animasi 1 (P)3
6Audio Visual 1 (P)3
7Desain Kemasan (P)3
8Deskomvis 3 (TP)4
Semester VI
NoMata KuliahSKS
2Fotografi Desain (P)3
3Teori Periklanan (T)2
4Copy Writing (T)2
5Animasi 2 (P)3
6Audio Visual 2 (P)3
7Seminar dan Presentasi Desain (TP)3
8Deskomvis 4 (TP)4
Semester VII
NoMata KuliahSKS
1Kuliah Kerja Nyata (KKN)*2
2Kerja Profesi (KP) (P)3
Mata Kuliah Pilihan Prodi Deskomvis
3Film Production (P)2
Digital Compositing (P)
Game Design (P)
Mobile Application Design (P)
Comic (P)
Event Organizing (P)
Mata Kuliah Pilihan Lintas Prodi FSRD
Desain Web**
Seni Lukis**
Metode Cetak Ulang**
Cetak Saring**
Keramik Teknik Pinch**
Textile Interior**