Bachelor of Interior Design


Bachelor of Interior Design was founded in 1981 under the name Interior Architecture Studio. Currently, it has produced graduates who are spread across various places in Indonesia, including working as interior designers in architectural and interior design bureaus, as furniture designers in the furniture industry, as entrepreneurs engaged in implementing interior and furniture design, as lecturers at state universities and leading private sector.


Preparing educated and devoted human resources to God Almighty who are based on national culture, especially the noble values of Javanese culture as well as expertise and skills in the field of interior design that are able to compete at national and international levels.


  • Organizing democratic Interior Design education integrated between curricular and extra-curricular activities, utilizing the latest technology and information by paying attention to societal developments.
  • Organizing Interior Design education and community service based on research and creative experiments to answer various Interior Design problems at national and international levels.

Goals and Objectives

To carry out the above mission, the Interior Design study program sets the following development objectives:

  • Creating an environment that encourages every member of the Interior Design Study Program to have a passion for learning in order to develop their own abilities optimally.
  • Producing graduates who are devoted to God Almighty, cultured and have an attitude and identity based on Javanese culture in particular and Indonesia in general who are academic and professional in the field of Interior Design.
  • Produce and publish research products, scientific works, design works that rely on and at the same time have an impact on the development of science, technology and art that are oriented towards the interests of the general public.
  • Producing graduates in the field of Interior Design who are independent and have a high work ethic so that they excel at the national level and are able to compete in the Southeast Asia region in 2016.

Competence of graduates

The resulting graduate competencies are based on the curriculum implemented by the Interior Design Study Program as follows:

  1. Interior/Furniture/Interior Products Designer
  2. Interior Planning Consultant
  3. Interior Supervisor
  4. Interior Construction Management
  5. Interior Project Executor
  6. Art Director Interiors