FSRD has four programs, four bachelor degree programs and a 3 – Years diploma program. Each program has gone through accreditation and reaccreditation processes according to the predetermined schedule. In 2015, the accreditation results of each programs are as follows:

No Study Programs Accreditation Status
1 Fine Arts Program B (good)
2 Visual Communication Designs Program A (Excellence)
3 Interrior Designs Program B (good)
4 Arts Crafts / Textile Program B (good)
5 Diploma Program of Visual Communication Designs B (good)

The flagship program of each study program in FSRD are as follows:

  1. The flagship program of Fine Arts Study are; to develop skills in multimedia, painting studio, graphic studio, and ceramics studio.
  2. The flagship program of visual communication designs study are; visual communication designs, photography, illustration, computer graphic designs, animations and audio.
  3. The flagship program of interrior designs study are: to develop skills in iterrior designs, furniture designs, dan interrior products.
  4. The flagship program of Arts Crafts / Textile study are: textile craft development including: batik, tenun ikat (weaving) dan celup (dyeing).