Academic activities in FSRD is currently supported by 53 permanent lectures (registered civil servants) and two non-civil servant permanent lecturers. Administration activities in FSRD is supported by 19 employees of both permanent civil servants and honorary. The distribution of permanent civil servants lecturers are as follows:

No Study Program Bachelor Master Doctor Proffesor Total
1 Fine Art 0 10 2 1 13
2 Visual Communication Design 0 11 2 0 13
3 Interrior Design 0 12 2 0 14
4 Art Crafts / Textile 0 10 1 1 12
5 Diploma Visual Communication Design 0 2 0 0 2
Total Number 0 45 7 2 54


1 Dean Drs. Ahmad Adib, M.Hum., Ph.D.
2 Vice Dean of Academic Division Dr. Rahmanu Widayat, M.Sn.
3 Vice Dean of Financial and General Affair Drs. Sarwono, M.Sn
4 Vice Dean of Students and Alumni Affair Drs. Agus Nur Setyawan, M.Hum
5 Head of Fine Arts Program Joko Lulut Amboro, S.Sn., M.Sn.
6 Head of Visual Communication Designs Program Dr. Deny Tri Ardianto, Dipl. Art
7 Head of Interrior Designs Program Anung Bambang Studyanto, S.Sn., M.T.
8 Head of Arts Crafts / Textile Program Dra. Tiwi Bina Afianti, M.Sn.
9 Head of Diploma Program of Visual Communication Designs Hermansyah Mutaqin, S.Sn., M.Sn.
10 Head of Faculty Laboratory Ambar Mulyono, S.Sn., M.T.
11 Head of Administration Samsuri, S.IP., M.Si.
12 Head of Academic Subdivision Susilo Adi Wibowo, S.T.
13 Head of Financial and general affair subdivision Siti Fadilah Imawati, S.T.
14 Head of Students and Alumni Affair subdivision Aryati Musrifah, S.Sos.
15 Head of Information and planning subdivision Muh. Safrudin, S.Kom.