Welcome to website of Fakultas Seni Rupa dan Desain (FSRD) of Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS), Surakarta.

Quoted John Howkins’s statements as father of the world’s creative economy in How People Make Money from The Idea book (2001): the creative economy associated with ideas and money, this is the first kind of economy where imagination and creativity dictate what people want to do and produce. In some countries, the creative economy moved to significant roles. For example in the UK, the pioneer country for the development of creative economy, the industry grew an average of 9% per year, and well above the average of the country’s average economic growth of 2-3%. Contribution to national income reached 8.2% or USṨ 12.6 billion, becoming second largest source after the financial sector. This surpassed revenue from manufacturing and oil-gas industries. In South Korea, the creative industry since 2005 accounted more than manufactures. In Singapore, the creative economy contributes 5% to GDP or US $ 5.2 billion. How about Indonesia? The data I took from Badan Ekonomi Creatif (BEKRAF)** in 2015, creative economy accounted for 7.38% of the total national economy of Indonesia, about 852 trillion rupiah.

FSRD as the newest faculty of Universitas Sebelas by 4 undergraduate programs and 1 vocational program. All study programs are quite prospective with the current creative industry in Indonesia. So if we look, FSRD UNS has a very strategic roles with providing education and teaching that can increase human resources in order to become productive, creative, polite and virtuous noble character.
Of course the good intentions require supports from various parties, both from the academic community and all elements of society. In hope FSRD UNS will always can be a reliable institution in approved graduates who are competent and have a big impact in building and advancing the Indonesian creative industry.
Salam Creative, Productive and Positive Thinking.

Dean of FSRD UNS
Ahmad Adib, Ph.D.


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